Our weekly maintenance programs consist of 3 different levels. Since one program may not be necessary everyone, these offer something for everyone, whether you don't have time to clean your own pool, don't understand the adjusting of your water chemistry or do not want to store chemicals at your home.

1. - Full Sevice - Starts at $150/month. This program includes everything your pool needs on a regular basis. Take the hassle out of owning a pool and have it ready to swim whenever you are.

2. - Chemical check and brush - Starts at $100/month. This program is for the pools that do well at maintaining themselves and you just want someone to adjust your water chemistry and brush the pool weekly.

3. - Chemical only - Starts at $70/month. This program is for the do-it-yourselfer who does not want to mess with the water chemistry or does not want to store chemicals at their home. This program also is great for having a fixed chemical budget.

Other one-time services include some of the following. These are available to maintenance clients and non-maintenance clients. Maintenance clients typically receive these services at a reduced rate. Prices in red are our client prices.

 Filter Cleaning - $75 - $50

 Salt cell cleaning - $60 - $35

 Phosphate treatment - $125 - $95
Includes the adding of phosphate remover, followed up with a filter cleaning.

 Scale treatment This service is quoted on an individual basis depending on the amount of scale, location and method needed to remove the scale.

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